Smart Hub

Smartphone technology can be exploited to identify "decision slots", the most appropriate moments in which we know the user will be more receptive to a digital interaction, and therefore influence his or her behaviour in some way, for example, and impulse purchase.

In addition to smart data processing, context is key, understood as a combination of parameters that define aspects such as the user location, their preferences and interests, and even his or her predisposition at any time to make use of a mobile app.

Smart Hub is not only an application. Smart Hub is a package of integrated services:
  • Front end (all sorts of devices)
  • Integration Level
  • Notification Server
  • Business Rules Management Server
  • Beacons Connector / WiFi and Smart Buildings
  • Big Data Repository, profiling and visual analysis

Use Cases - Airport

“The personalised knowledge of a passenger’s habits, preferences and flight information allows for an increase of transactions in the airport’s commercial area and a more effective time management”


The need to provide a customised interaction between the digital user and available information of the customer to achieve the connection of the different digital channels of the same entity.


  • Value-add Services for frequent travelers.
  • Real-time integration with the Airport Back-end Systems. Real-time notifications to all passengers in case of changes or updates to the flight status.
  • Passengers receive information in real-time to better plan the time they spend in the commercial areas of the airport.
  • Real-time collection of information from millions of passengers to analyse their habits.


Business Process Efficiency
Using passenger information, the airport can increase efficiency
Customer Satisfaction
Travelers are better informed with valuable information
Targeted Marketing
Using location and flight information, message openings, the route used in the commercial area and product purchases
Revenue growth
Airport services reach more people through the use of integrated app