Smart Energy

Provides the design, development and setup of a decision-making platform that allows a consumer to become more energy efficient.
  • Metering: Bills, Meters, Analysers, Dataloggers, Probes
  • Communications: ADSL, WIFI/3G, VHF/UHF, SIGFOX, LoRa, EnOcean
  • Presentation: BBDD, SCADAs, BMS, EMS/SGE, Portals
  • Analysis: BIGDATA (Analysis of Standards, Behavioural Analysis , Periods Comparative, Tariff Check)
  • Energy Engineering: Operations and Management, Specialised Management, Improvement Plans

Use Case - Market food retailers

“A hypermarket increases profitability by reducing energy costs while complying with European regulations”


Monitoring of Electromechanical Equipment and Facilities: air conditioning, industrial cooling and lighting. Monitoring and control of energy consumption. Deballasting loads.
Facilities must be adapted to the European Directive 2012/27 / EU to promote energy efficiency.


  • Increase of energy efficiency by shifting technology, behaviours and economic factors.
  • Designs the most appropriate behaviours to obtain an energy consumption profile, with updated, measured and verifiable data.


Reduced energy consumption
by analysing demand through logarithms allowing us to rationalise energy use
Increased energy efficiency
through the provision and analysis of information to further improve equipment performance
Customer Satisfaction
Customers take advantage through the business process efficiency