Smart Comms

Smart Comms is a process automation software, which is both a mobility and notification management solution, able to integrate with a wide variety of business processes, becoming a key element to meet the security requirements of different organisational areas, while complying with regulations. The solution allows sharing information between different systems and people, automatically initiating pre-established procedures for improvement, optimisation and security assurance.
From a chemical company where an evacuation of toxic gas is automatically organised, to a hospital, where it can mean sending the right medical personnel, to the right place, at the right time and, as a result, save a life.
The solution applies to these areas:
  • Business and Operational Processes
  • Mass Communication
  • Globalisation and Social Networks
  • Alarms Management
  • Notification Management
  • Mobility and Evacuation
  • Location
  • Staff Safety
  • Third parties Safety
  • Evidence and Audit Management

Use Case - Healthcare

“Patient safety is reinforced with RTLS bracelets for immediate detection of access to a restricted area”


Some of the classic problems in healthcare centres are yet to be solved: the lack of a strict risk assessment, keeping up with self-protection plans, implementation of solutions for sick buildings, facility management and maintenance, promote social awareness, encourage the use of information, prevention culture, training, etc.


Smart Comms manages to raise the levels of intelligence and security of the systems and services in the so-called public spaces:
  • Alarm Centres
  • Communications
  • Emergency and Evacuation
  • Signaling
  • Fire fighting
  • Lighting
  • Fire detection
  • Fire protection
  • Pollution
  • Personal Protection
  • Fire protection Services
  • Security guards


Achieve optimum levels of quality in the provision of security
Increased satisfaction in the care of patients and visitors
Reduction of attention time applying care protocols