Smart Building

We pursue the building’s transformation, so that the hundreds of systems, devices, technologies and communication standards inside them, work in a collaborative way, thereby making buildings more efficient, sustainable and, in just one word, intelligent.

USE CASE – The Smart Hospital:

"Collaboration between the hospital's smart systems helps making a critical intervention on time".

The arrival of a helicopter to the hospital’s heliport automates the presence of a stretcher at the heliport while stopping all other automated guided vehicles in the corridors where that stretcher will run through.


The need to unify the different disciplines involved in the management of facilities and buildings of a hospital:
  • Security Management Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Auxiliary Building Systems
  • The Hospital’s Specific Systems


Integration of all common systems to the whole building (security, air conditioning, lighting…) and of the hospital’s specific systems so that the patient is assisted as soon and efficiently as possible. That is, the patient is the focus, and the systems must only facilitate his care.


A flexible and functional building
More comfort for the patient
Security improvement
Advanced technology deployment
Facilities’ automation
Effective service integration
Energy savings
Increase of the building’s useful life