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A new generation of products and services based on Smart technologies is revolutionising the world around us.

Smart Xperience means the transformation in the relationship between people, services, systems and the business. It results from integrating different data sources to produce more efficient behaviours.
A Smart Xperience takes place when multiple devices and systems connect and integrate their data in a platform, producing the most suitable responses for people, systems or devices to act more efficiently.

The new experience of your products and smart services
Start your Smart Xperience

With Smart Xperience, Getronics offers its customers the opportunity to improve different aspects of their business, developing connectors and a complete platform for data integration and process management, business rules and complex events (ESB+BPM+BRMS+CEP) that enables new ways of working.


Getronics provides the most extensive range and most powerful portfolio of IT solutions and services, combining innovation, confidence and experience that already benefits more than 2.000 customers around the world.